The Full Checklist

This is my full checklist of Wonders, in order of visit or intended visit.  Reviews and previews, when available, are linked.

There's a vague colour-coded system, which I can't be bothered to explain. This is all a pretty slow work in progress, compounded by my lack of design skills or software.

Last update 27/7/12.

Visit Wonder Country City/Town Last visited Reviewed Previewed
1 Sydney Opera House Australia Sydney 18 Sep 2011 Yes Yes
2 Marina Bay Sands Singapore Singapore 24 Sep 2011 Yes Yes
3 Borobudur Indonesia Borobudur 2 Oct 2011 Yes Yes
4 Petronas Towers Malaysia Kuala Lumpur 1 Jan 2012 Yes Yes
5 Shwedagon Pagoda Burma Yangon 18 Oct 2011 Yes Yes
6 Ananda Temple in Bagan Burma Bagan 26 Oct 2011 Yes Yes
7 Bodi Tataung Standing Buddha Burma near Monywa 29 Oct 2011 Yes Yes
8 Angkor Wat Cambodia near Siem Reap 10 Nov 2011 Yes Yes
9 Banaue Rice Terraces Philippines Banaue 29 Nov 2011 Yes Yes
10 Temple of the Emerald Buddha Thailand Bangkok 18 Dec 2011 Yes Yes
11 Ayutthaya Historic Park Thailand Ayutthaya 20 Dec 2011 Yes Yes
12 The Golden Temple India Amritsar 7 Jan 2012 Yes Yes
13 Akshardham India Delhi 13 Jan 2012 Yes Yes
14 Taj Mahal India Agra 15 Jan 2012 Yes Yes
15 Agra Fort India Agra 15 Jan 2012 Yes Yes
16 Lotus Temple India Delhi 17 Jan 2012 Yes Yes
17 Kailash Temple in Ellora India near Aurangabad 5 Feb 2012 Yes Yes
18 The Forbidden City China Beijing 13 Feb 2012 Yes Yes
20 Great Wall of China China mostly north-east 13 Mar 2012 Yes Yes
19 Terracotta Army China Xian 19 Mar 2012 Yes Yes
21 Leshan Giant Buddha China Leshan 30 Mar 2012 Yes Yes
22 Three Gorges Dam China near Yichang 3 Apr 2012 Yes Yes
23 Carcassonne France Carcassonne 14 Jul 2012 Yes Yes
24 Millau Viaduct France Millau 19 Jul 2012 Yes Yes
0 Avignon Papal Palace France Avignon n/a
0 Edinburgh Castle Scotland Edinburgh n/a

0 Eiffel Tower France Paris n/a

0 Notre Dame France Paris n/a

0 Sacre Coeur France Paris n/a

0 Ely Cathedral England Ely n/a

0 Big Ben and Westminster England London n/a

0 St Paul's England London n/a

0 Tower Bridge England London n/a

0 Stonehenge England near Salisbury n/a

0 Pyramids Egypt Cairo n/a

0 Cairo Citadel Egypt Cairo n/a

0 Karnak Egypt Luxor n/a

0 Valley of the Kings Egypt near Luxor n/a

0 Abu Simbel Egypt Abu Simbel n/a

0 Catacombs of Alexandria Egypt Alexandria n/a

0 Fort Qaitbay Egypt Alexandria n/a

0 Dome of the Rock Israel/Palestine Jerusalem n/a

0 Petra Jordan near Wadi Musa n/a

0 Baalbek Lebanon Baalbek n/a

0 Hagia Sophia Turkey Istanbul n/a

0 Sultan Ahmed Mosque Turkey Istanbul n/a

0 Derinkuyu Underground City Turkey Derinkuyu n/a

0 Gopekli Tepe Turkey near Sanliurfa n/a

0 Parthenon Greece Athens n/a

0 Meteora Greece near Kalambaka n/a

0 St Mark's Italy Venice n/a

0 Santa Maria della Salute Italy Venice n/a

0 Verona Arena Italy Verona n/a

0 Colosseum Italy Rome n/a

0 St. Peter's Vatican City Vatican City n/a

0 Tower of Pisa Italy Pisa n/a

0 Sagrada Familia Spain Barcelona n/a Visited
0 Alhambra Spain Granada n/a

0 City of Arts and Sciences Spain Valencia n/a

0 Chateau de Chambord France near Tours n/a

0 Chateau de Chenonceau France near Chenonceaux n/a

0 Mont St. Michel France near Avranches n/a

0 Chartres Cathedral France Chartres n/a

0 Versailles France Versailles n/a

0 Amiens Cathedral France Amiens n/a

0 Cologne Cathedral Germany Cologne n/a

0 Neuschwanstein Castle Germany near Hohenschwangau n/a

0 CN Tower Canada Toronto n/a

0 Statue of Liberty USA New York n/a

0 Empire State Building USA New York n/a

0 Mount Rushmore USA near Keystone n/a

0 Gateway Arch USA St Louis n/a

0 Disney World USA Lake Buena Vista n/a

0 Hoover Dam USA near Boulder City n/a

0 Golden Gate Bridge USA San Francisco n/a

0 Teotihuacan Mexico near Mexico City n/a

0 Palenque Mexico Palenque n/a

0 Chichen Itza Mexico near Merida n/a

0 Tikal Guatemala near Flores n/a

0 Machu Picchu Peru near Aguas Calientes n/a

0 Nazca Lines Peru near Nazca n/a

0 Easter Island Chile Rapa Nui n/a

0 Cristo Redentor Brazil Rio de Janeiro n/a

0 Timbuktu Mali Timbuktu n/a

0 Djenne Mosque Mali Djenne n/a

0 Burj Al Arab UAE Dubai n/a

0 Burj Dubai UAE Dubai n/a

0 St George Church Ethiopia Lalibela n/a

0 Krak de Chevalier Syria near Tartus n/a

0 Palmyra Syria Palmyra n/a

0 Leptis Magna Libya near Khoms n/a

0 Ak Orda Presidential Palace Kazakhstan Astana n/a

0 Registan Uzbekistan Samarkand n/a

0 Thousand Buddha Caves China near Dunhuang n/a
0 Potala Palace China (Tibet) Lhasa n/a
0 Spring Temple Buddha China near Lushan n/a Visited Yes
0 Ushiku Daibutsu Japan Ushiku n/a
0 Kiyomizu-dera Japan Kyoto n/a
0 Kinkaku-ji Japan Kyoto n/a
0 Himeji Castle Japan Himeji n/a
0 Taipei 101 Taiwan Taipei n/a
0 Kremlin/Red Square Russia Moscow n/a


  1. This entire website is very impressive, and a fantastic idea, but I must ask: How in the world can you afford to visit all of these places?

    1. Thanks.

      I work offshore which brings in a reasonable salary. I travel cheaply - a daily travel budget need not exceed £25, which over a year works out at less than £10,000. With flights and extras, this amount is nudged up, but as I don't have children and have low overheads (no car for example), it's fairly achievable.


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