Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Model Wonders 8

Visiting a new place should be a voyage of discovery, learning, culture, and once again adjusting the boundaries of your world vision. But more importantly, it should be an opportunity to delve into every single souvenir shop you can find, in the hope of the perfect miniature representation of a massive landmark. Here are some more finds from my reasonably recent excursions to Germany and Barcelona.

Cologne Cathedral

Cologne is blessed with the right number of souvenir shops. It doesn't bulge with endless emporia, like Paris and its dedication to providing you over 30 million opportunities to buy the Eiffel Tower, but neither do you ever wonder "However will I find a miniature Cologne Cathedral." Plenty were on offer, but I was quite pleased to stumble upon this representation without too much searching.

Neuschwanstein Castle

The village of Hohenschwangau, by the base of Neuschwanstein Castle, is less a functioning village and more a set of souvenir shops and restaurants. One day all villages will reach this state of nirvana. I had no trouble at all finding a model of Neuschwanstein Castle, which all shops have to sell, by law.

Hohenschwangau Castle

A stones throw away, and overlooking the same village, is Hohenschwangau Castle. After several visits to several souvenir shops, I resigned myself to thinking that this simply wasn't produced in model form. Clearly, there was no demand. Not a single one could be found. It was only as we were leaving that a speculative foray into one uncovered this gem.

Ulm Minster

Our visit to Ulm was very smash-and-grab. We dashed into the centre, looking at the church and had a quick look inside, and I saw this in the church's gift shop. Clearly, I had to have it.

La Pedrera

And now we find ourselves in Barcelona. This wasn't a Wonder trip, but I did have the chance to visit Gaudi's typically quirky and impressive La Pedrera. Its gift shop sold this.


  1. And to think that I almost inadvertently nicked the first three!

    1. Yes, this would have been a much shorter entry if you'd got away with it.

  2. Anthony and speculated on our recent trip to Cologne on which model you had purchased of the cathedral. I am (as I am sure he will be) delightled by your choice. We did see a rather nice wooden model, but I fear it would no thave proven to as robust as the one you selected.

  3. The one you chose also looks much sturdier than the pop-up card of the cathedral that we saw as well

    1. I tend to go for the classic resin models and this is something Europe does with aplomb. Wooden or pop-up models are very much a backup choice. I'm very pleased with my choice in this case, as Cologne offer many variants, but as soon as I saw this one tucked away in a little shop, I knew my search had ended.


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