Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Update: Job

Well, it would seem that I've got myself a job. I now work here:

That probably makes it seem a little grander than it is. I am now a Data Gatherer working for a bank, which in effect means that I receive a complaint or query from a customer and then mine numerous systems and databases to get all the information I can find. It's contract work, until September, maybe beyond, and fills in very nicely given the lack of this:

Yes, it seems unlikely I'll be going offshore again this year, and God knows when work will pick up on that front.

The good news is - apart from the fact that I think I may quite like the work  - is the shift pattern. I work three night shifts a week, on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, 7pm to 7am. Therefore, every week I have from Thursday morning to Monday evening free. This means that I'll have time to do, well, stuff. It may allow for grabbed weekends abroad, bagging a Wonder. After a period of considerable uncertainty, in which I wasn't able to plan anything, there is now a degree of certainty, and planning can begin.

That planning includes Russia. Danielle and I are intending on visiting Moscow and St Petersburg in July, which will of course include seeing the Kremlin and Red Square.

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