Friday, 13 February 2015

Old Pictures: The Bodhi Tataung Standing Buddha

Well, this could be a quick one. The The Bodhi Tataung Standing Buddha is the second tallest statue in the world, at 129 metres tall, but it's a new kid on the block and was only completed in 2008. Here's a bunch of photos of it in construction.

Before that, the rest of the site was still there, with hundreds and hundreds of small Buddha statues, a pagoda or two, and the large reclining Buddha. It's 101 metres long - a decent effort. It was finished in 1991, which I guess is when the below photo was taken.

And that's it. I can't find any pre-1991 pictures anywhere. Before 1960, when the area was established as a Buddhist site, it would have just been countryside. It's still obscure now, but before the giant Buddha statues it was even more obscure. Burma was a pretty closed nation and not really a popular destination with visitors. If any local Burmese were taking photos, they don't appear to have uploaded them.

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