Monday, 29 September 2014

Days 537 to 539: Cancun finale

Cancun is a ghastly place, that I'd usually avoid at all costs. Except at these costs - £419.90 for two people to fly from Cancun to London Gatwick. Just over £200 each to fly around ten hours. Not bad, hence Cancun is the setting for the end of our travels.

It's not remotely a fitting end, although it is a comfortable one. These travels have been budget. Not ultra-budget, but always with costs in mind. Cancun doesn't have that. For two days and nights, we've booked ourselves a lovely resort hotel, with a view across a very blue sea, multiple swimming pools, and room service that comes with a candles and a rose. This is not remotely how we've been travelling - it's like a short holiday at the end of it all. After being dragged through dusty one-horse towns, on rickety buses and hauling heavy bags in humid heat, Danielle considers this the honeymoon at the end of our kind-of extended honeymoon that has been these travels.

This is not my sort of place at all, but I still quite like it. Not Cancun - I'd rather not venture into the actual city - but the hotel. It's undeniably luxurious, it's undeniably peaceful. Also, it has a perfect space for me to line up all the model Wonders I've collected over the last two months.

So, in a short while we'll be at Cancun airport. Then we'll be on an overnight plane. Then Gatwick. Then Glasgow. And then the travels are over. Some journeys ahead, but no more big travels. 66 out of 104 Wonders complete, the rest to be picked off in shorter trips, details to be worked out later. It's been fun.


  1. I have really enjoyed reading about your recent travels and the Wonders that you visited, and of course meeting up with you both when you were in Marseille. I hope you will still be adding regularly to this blog with previews of World Wonders (or have you done them all now?) until you start visiting the rest on your list.

    As I know that your work involves being on oil rigs, I will quote this passage from Charlie Connelly's book "Attention all Shipping - A Journey Round the Shipping Forecast" (well worth reading by the way).

    "Rounding a corner to the waterfront, however, I was greeted by one of the most startling sights I think I have ever seen. Out in the firth, barely six hundred yards from where I was standing, was a full-scale oil platform lit up with dazzling orange and white lights like an enormous floating birthday cake. A few hundred yards further on was another, identical construction. Having expected to have my breath taken away by rolling hills and snow-capped peaks I had been stopped dead in my tracks by an oilrig. There in the dark stillness, as I watched this brilliant display of technology and light, it struck me that these hulking behemoths picked out against the hills were probably among the most beautiful things I had ever seen. A faint thrumming emanated from them, barely audible above the apologetic lapping of the waves on the pebbly shore beneath me, the tiniest vibration that I could only just feel deep in my chest. As a display of awesome beauty and power this was hard to beat".

    So if you're ever on an oil rig and wistfully reminiscing about your World Wondering, maybe it'll cheer you up to think that you're on somebody else's idea of one!

    1. Thanks.

      Funnily enough, I've written an entry about oil rigs before - They are incredible, but also mundane things. Nonetheless, your quote has some resonance. I recall vividly my first every trip offshore, standing on the helideck at night, looking over the rig and its bright lights, and just thinking "WOW."

      The plan for now is to write three late reviews of Maya Wonders (Palenque, Tikal, Chichen Itza) that I was too lazy to write about in Mexico. I think I've got something in the order of 15 previews still to write, and I'll get them done too. An upcoming entry will detail my plans for the remaining 30-odd Wonders to visit. I have various other bits and pieces that will keep this blog active for some time also - I'm definitely not going dormant.

      If you fancy visiting Cologne and Cologne Cathedral next year, give me an email. In my view, it's the king of Gothic cathedrals.

    2. Cologne Cathedral, definitely, let me know closer to the time.


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