Thursday, 18 September 2014

Day Scotland: The Independence Vote

Today is rather an important day in Scotland: the people there are voting whether or not to make the country fully independent. I'm currently in Mexico, and will be in Guatemala tomorrow (my blog will soon be catching up with all this) and so am missing what is a very exciting - or for some, worrying, I guess - day for the country. Fortunately, my mother has kindly voted on my behalf, with a proxy vote - thanks mum.

Travelling over the last few years has undoubtedly made me feel more Scottish. Not less British, just more Scottish. Both Danielle and I have been surprised, and touched, how many people we have met - in Europe and the Americas - that have been aware and interested in the referendum. We are a popular country around the world. And that will remain whether we stay part of the UK or not; our identity is not at stake.

Although I'm proud to be Scottish, I don't have passionate views about whether Scotland would be better off independent or not. But I do have views. Clearly, there are good arguments on both sides. And very bad ones too. I've tried to filter off the bad ones, and weigh up the good ones, and have voted accordingly. I hope that whatever happens is the best for my country. I also hope that everybody who votes feels likewise.

To finish on a tenuously related note, here's a blurry photo of a German (?) guy playing Italian bagpipes in Peru, last December.

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