Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Out Of The Mouths Of Babes

As the last review, on the Sagrada Familia, might have suggested, we were in Barcelona. But only for a few days. Originally, the plan had been to spend a couple of weeks in northern Spain, then pop back to Scotland for a weekend of weddings, before continuing the travels. But for the last few months, Danielle's wisdom teeth have being causing her a lot of discomfort, and so we decided to pop back to Scotland for a couple of weeks. She had a couple of her wisdom teeth removed, and we spent a lovely week up north, in the country, at my mother's house.

That was perfect for recharging, as seven months on the move does take a little out of you. We returned to the Glasgow area for the weekend, for the wedding reception of Louise and David, and then the wedding of Danielle's cousin. Perhaps I could show you some photos, but at the latter wedding I managed to lose the camera (it has been found, but won't get to us in time).

After several months of this blog chasing its tail, I'm now happy to say it's up to date. Later today, we fly to America and begin the final two months of these travels, incorporating 12 Wonders. This is the approximate plan:

July - New York, Toronto.
August - Stratford, Chicago, Mount Rushmore, St Louis, Disney World, San Francisco, Las Vegas.
September - Mexcio, and Guatemala briefly. And home!

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