Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Day 465: Louise and David Get Married

On June 30th 2014, in Rome, Louise and David got married.

Louise and David are from Hamilton, but decided to get married in Rome... because it's nice. And it's definitely not Hamilton. That seems like a pretty good reason to me. In fact, Louise's father once trained to be a priest in Rome, and although at the last minute he changed his mind and got married and had four kids instead, the links with the city were established.

The wedding was on a Monday, but most of the wedding party were in Rome from around the Thursday before, around 40 people in total. Both Louise and David's families like a quiet drink now and again, but they like noisy ones more, and so evening drinking dominated proceedings pretty much every single day. This, coupled with the World Cup, meant there was a lot of football and a lot of beer and wine. Neither Danielle or I complained.

On the Saturday, there was a kind of semi-unofficial hen party and stag night. I use the terms loosely, because while I have a nagging feeling Louise may have been made to wear some kind of pink sash, there was none of that kind of nonsense for the stag. We all went to an Italian restaurant, ate food, then went to two different bars to watch two different football games. Without wanting to overstate it, we got pretty damn hammered. Sunday was a write-off.

In between all the boozing and the football, there was plenty of time for high culture, and Danielle and I visited my two Wonders, and many other of Rome's endless highlights. Guess what - Rome is the third place (after Amiens Cathedral and Topkapi Palace) I've visited that has John the Baptist's skull! It's at a church called San Silvestro in Capite. Oh, and guess what - that was the church Louise and David got married in!

It's a truly beautiful church, built I later discovered in the 8th Century, though it was reconstructed in the 16th Century, hence the Renaissance glamour. I am very jealous - I would have loved to get married in a church with John the Baptist's skull. Although, as the skull seems ominpresent around the world (up to nine skulls are known), it's very possible the chapel Danielle and I were married in might have one stashed away somewhere.

In case you're wondering - yes, Louise's dress was gorgeous. I am able to say this as it was the informed opinion of Danielle, who knows about such things.

After the ceremony, there were some photos at the Spanish Steps and the Pantheon. And then we all ate some pizza and pasta.

Louise's family had rented a fabulous rooftop apartment overlooking the Largo di Torre Argentina (that's the square with the Roman ruins and the cat sanctuary that our apartment also overlooked) and so after the pizza and pasta, the group descended - well, ascended technically - upon it. The revelry went on till 4 in the morning, and oh boy, did they revel. Tuesday was another write-off for me.

It was, as you'll have gathered, a great wedding. Cheers Louise and David.

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  1. Well done Louise and David! Looks like a great wedding.
    Niall's Mum


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