Saturday, 29 March 2014

Days 357 to 371: Tigerair Are Dicks

Melbourne seems to be a harbinger of misfortune for me and those around me. Two-and-a-half years ago, an ill-fated road trip from Sydney to Melbourne with Matt saw Matt's car break down, causing Matt huge inconvenience and expense. The following day, I entirely failed to realise that Avalon airport is not actually the same as Tullamarine airport, and missed my flight. This time, flying from the Gold Coast to Melbourne - a seemingly simple two hour flight - Danielle's bag was mislaid. It could barely have happened at a worse time.

The airline was Tigerair and they said it had been located and would be in Melbourne the following afternoon. Great, except we're off to Shanghai then Paris the following morning. Um... er... was pretty much the official response, followed by emails expressing ongoing "efforts" without direct hope of receiving the bag anytime soon. Shanghai and Paris are notably colder than Australia, and Danielle has with her just the one set of light clothes. Not exactly ideal.

It was clearly too much to expect them to get the bag to us in Shanghai, but we hoped they might manage to arrange something for our arrival in Paris. Nope. Our flight arrived at 6am, to a notably cold city, and the news was that they were planning to send the bag via DHL. Versailles, Chartres and Mont Saint-Michel passed by - nine days - with temperatures as low as -2C. Obviously, Danielle had to buy extra clothes and toiletries - Tigerair simply ignored any requests for compensation for this. Due to Tigerair inadequately filling in details - ie a contact number for us, the recipient - the bag got caught in a customs hell, taking daily phonecalls to DHL to sort out. Finally, after driving to the Paris depot directly, and two weeks after taking a simple internal flight, we got the bag.

Danielle's perfume and medication was missing.

So, thanks Tigerair. Thanks for living up to the budget airline reputation fully. Thanks for overseeing the theft of some of Danielle's stuff. And thanks for being dicks.

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