Monday, 31 March 2014

Getting Behind...

Since I last wrote, Danielle and I have visited Shanghai, Versailles, Chartres, Mont Saint-Michel, and Amiens. We've seen five Wonders. I've driven on the right-hand side of the road for the first time in my life. Danielle's bag was lost for two weeks courtesy of a Tigerair and DHL tag-team effort. I've acquired a delightful collection of tacky models. And we're about to go to Greece in a few days.

Yes, I'm very, very behind with the blog. And so for you, dear reader, I will sacrifice Paris. For the next three days, while Danielle looks at pretty shops and gazes at macaroons, I intend to bury myself in our hostel and write. I will try and catch up as best as possible. I won't fully succeed, but I will hopefully get close.

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  1. Oh poor Danielle. I lost my bag for 24 hours and was distraught. I hope she can get any purchases back on insurance and the airline gives her some compensation. Thank goodness she got it back in the end.

    I think if you have been to Paris (as I know you have been) it will be safe to sacrifice, it's so expensive at least you will save some money!


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