Friday, 29 November 2013

The Return Of The Mullet Hunter: A Review

There's more than one way to travel. One way, and probably the most popular, is to have a start and finish time and place, and just see what happens in between. It allows freedom, total flexibility, and a lot of fun. If you visit somewhere you like - great, stay a while. Likewise, if it's a dump, move on the next day. There is no commitment, except for following your nose.

In 2001, that's what myself and a good friend, Simon, did. We started in Frankfurt in August and finished in Cairo in December. In between we packed in eleven Eastern European countries, as well as Turkey and Israel. It was, to quietly understate it, great.

Yet ever since then, we've chosen an entirely different means of travelling: travelling on a mission.

Sunday, 24 November 2013

A Few More Mind-Blowing Things You Won't Believe Were Built by Nature

Probably my last Cracked article for at least a year was published today - 5 Mind-Blowing Things You Won't Believe Were Built by Nature. The premise is incredible archaeological discoveries that turned out to be natural phenomenon, but that fooled supposedly reputable scientists and got widespread and inaccurate media attention. A strong undercurrent of the article was the perpetuation of pseudoscience, that is self-serving amateur historians and archaeologists misrepresenting the actual evidence to create sensational stories that, by happenstance, sell loads of their own books.

Mankind, the world, and their shared history is sensational enough without having to create mystical ancient civilisations or grand conspiracy theories, and so it's fair to say that I'm not a fan of pseudoscience. I was a little worried that Cracked might edit out the anti-pseudoscience element of the article, focussing instead on the natural phenomena that looked a little like man-made relics. Happily, they kept it in, and I'm very happy with the final article, which is a more succinct, funnier, and directly on-point version of mine.

I submitted seven entries and they used five. Here are the two they cut.

The Peruvian City of Gold

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Got Married

Almost four years ago, I met a girl here:

                                                                                    St Andrew's in the Square                                                             Ben Allison