Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Travel Plans: December 2013 to December 2014


In just ten days, I get married. That's very nice, although as I'm not getting married on the Great Wall of China or on top of the Pyramids, you might think it's not directly related to this blog or to my travels. Well, it is. Since returning from my Wonder hunting in Asia with Burness, the travels have been in small chunks, to various locations in the UK and France. But during that time, I had plans, lots and lots of plans. And I was preparing, lots and lots of preparation.

First of all, I needed to raise a bit of money. So I worked, taking a bit of a gamble by going freelance and contracting myself to my old company. Staying with Danielle helped save a bit of money. And during my spare time, I researched. Tons of reading, making sense of numerous Wonders, and processing them in the form of the previews that have been appearing over the last few months. Thus, I was prepared to go away again and finish this damn quest.

But most significantly, I cajoled, lots and lots of (very gentle) cajoling. In January 2011, Danielle agreed to marry me, in front of the Taj Mahal. There were absolutely no conditions to this - that would be truly ridiculous - but there was a little hope. Hope that Danielle would want to travel, would want to visit loads of Wonders with me, and wouldn't mind pressing pause on her career and life for a year to do this. If she had said definitely not, it's just not possible, it's too much - that would have been fine. I would have found another way to visit them, across the span of years, and turned this project into something lasting a decade or more, rather than around five years. But fortunately (and eventually) she said yes.

We agreed that after we got married, we would go travelling. And so we are. We have a short honeymoon in Copenhagen (we threw the dice of fate in May and agreed to go on honeymoon to whoever won the Eurovision Song Contest...) and a few things to wrap up in November, but then on December we go.

The following are our rough travel plans - mostly in the Americas or Europe. If you, dear friend or reader, happen to be in any of the following places at the same time, please join us. Join us for a drink, or join us visiting a World Wonder. Travelling (so I'm told) isn't just about visiting ancient, giant buildings, it's also about the people you meet. And we would be delighted to meet you, somewhere on the planet.

December 2013: Peru. (Cusco and Inca Trail from 6th to 17th, vaguer after that.)
January to 24th February 2014: South America, with no precise plan as yet. It will include Santiago, Easter Island, Rio, Buenos Aires, and places in between.

24th-28th February: Los Angeles
1st March: Will not exist (we fly across the dateline)
2nd-6th March: Fiji
7th-16th March: Sydney and Melbourne, for Handsome Matt's wedding.
17th, 18th March: Shanghai

19th March to 14th May: Europe, without precise plans. Will include France, Spain, Greece, and Turkey.
15th-19th May: Millau in the south of France. I've roped myself into a half-marathon...
20th May to 26th June: South of France and Italy
27th June to 2nd July: Rome (a friend of Danielle's is getting married).
3rd-7th July: Not really sure. Somewhere in Europe.
17th-22nd July: Glasgow, for a wedding.

23rd July to 29th September: USA, Canada, and Mexico, without precise itinerary. We start in New York, will probably head to Toronto, and will end in Cancun two months later.

30th September to 24th October: Back in Scotland for a wedding and my mother's 60th.

Late October to mid-December: This is all a little vague, and depends on money and both mine and Danielle's work situation. But, if possible, I'd like to go to Egypt, Israel, and Jordan in this time.

A very vague February/March/April 2015: Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, China, Tibet, Japan. 

Obviously, the nature of travelling means that much of the next year isn't precise and planned to the day. But the dates that are written down are fixed, mostly due to weddings and/or booked flights. Everything else is vague and therefore flexible. If you're around, let's meet up. We look forward to seeing you.


  1. Congratulations!

    When you are in the south of France next year we must meet up for a few drinks.

    1. Cheers. You're in Marseille, aren't you? Some drinks sounds good - Danielle will be delighted to hear us discuss history and architecture (maybe I'll point her towards the beach...).

  2. Yes, I'm in Marseille. Don't hesitate to let me know of your plans nearer the time. It will be nice to talk about these buildings and structures over a beer compared to the internet!

    Talking of beaches and wonders, look up Calanques de Marseille (also known as Calanques de Cassis).

    1. My email address is on the right - just give me an email any time. I'll be in France some time between March and June, with late May seemingly most likely for the south.

      I'm pretty sure Danielle will be keen to visit after she sees some pictures of The Calanques de Marseille.


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