Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Passports Found

Over the years, I've been a little careless with my passports. In fact, in a three year spell, I managed to lose a total of four passports. One was sheer folly on my part - I'd put it in an envelope and sent it to my work, and it was been stolen en route. Another was sheer bad luck - it was lost in a fire in Angola. But another two were more mysterious. One day I simply couldn't find them. I was sure they had been in my flat - but they weren't where they should have been. I was puzzled. What had happened to them? I didn't know, and just had to cancel them and get two more, and let it remain a mystery.

Until today. Not long ago I got a phonecall from Grampian Police - they had found two passports of mine. It took a few moments to register until the policeman asked if I'd used to work in Korea - one passport had two years worth of teaching visas. Where on earth had they been, I asked. In the downstairs lobby of my old flat, I was told.

I was actually in that flat just a few weeks ago, as I rent it out now and was doing some maintenance there. As part of that, I'd gone through the fairly extensive pile of mail that had gathered in the lobby, and certainly hadn't noticed any passports. So I can only conclude that they were put there recently, or I somehow missed them. Nonetheless - what were my passports doing in the lobby? These two passports were lost six years ago, they surely cannot have been there for that amount of time.

I guess there will never be an answer to this one. It's not quite the "mystery of the death notice", but it's still unusual. I sometimes wonder about the tales inanimate objects would have, if only they had cognitive powers, for surely there have been some incredible journeys we can't ever know about. In this case, my passports have moved from my old flat to the downstairs lobby, taking six years to do it, so certainly quite lazy as journeys go, but pretty weird nonetheless.

Regrettably, I was informed by the policeman, because there was no way of knowing where these passports had been, I won't get to be reuinted. They are instead to be returned to the passport office, and then, I suspect, the Great Passport Office in the Sky, for their final journey.


  1. Curious. As long as you've not had your identity stolen, it looks like no harm has come. Though the best way to check if your name has arrived on any dodgy lists is by trying to get into either Israel or the USA.

  2. Which flat- Market Street? It is strange. Could they have fallen out somewhere as you were moving stuff and a passing fellow flat dweller placed them in the stairwell. How odd.

  3. No, Nelson Street.

    It was six years ago, and in that time I've got a five year work visa for the US as well as loads of other visas, so I don't think there's been identity theft.


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