Friday, 16 March 2012

Day 195: Weekend With The Warriors

As faithful readers will no doubt have ascertained, lately not a great deal has been happening. Due to Burness being incapacitated with a particularly nasty eye infection, we've been stuck in Beijing since we returned from North Korea, three weeks ago. I've managed to do a fair bit of sightseeing around Beijing and have had various day-trips to parts of the Great Wall, but Burness has generally been no further than the nearby hospital, for injections, check-ups, eye-drops, and electro-shock treatment (maybe).

However, progress is being made. Although he's not quite had the all-clear to leave Beijing and continue with the travels, we're hoping that will come by next week. If it does, then we might be able to squeeze in our remaining Chinese Wonders, barring the Thousand Buddha Caves which will have to wait for future travels.

For this to be possible, a weekend trip is thus planned, to grab the Terracotta Warriors at Xian, an overnight train journey away. With great excitement, our train there has been booked - our escape from Beijing (for a weekend) will commence later today.

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