Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Extra Photos: Part 2

Some more bonus photos from the last four months. This time, from my camera, before it broke.

Kickapoo and other drinks

Asia is great for strange drinks - I love walking into a corner shop and finding something I have absolutely no idea about, or what's in it. In the case above, it was in Singapore, in a small and basic outdoor restaurant. I'll buy any drink called "Kickapoo" on sight (in fact, I recently bought a whole bottle of it in Kuala Lumpur) and it turned out to be alright - a citric kind of drink. The other one was much weirder though. Called something like Bandung Rose, it was a vivid, terrifying opaque pink, and tasted like a combination of parma violets, strawberry milk, and petals.


The tour guide made me do this, honest. Like pretending to prop up the Leaning Tower of Pisa, this seems to be a tradition at Borobudur, for the guide at least. Still, after being forced to wear a skirt for hours, I'd already sunk quite low.


Taken in Bali airport. You can never be too careful.


This is the Menara Dayabumi, or the Dayabumi Tower. It's a building in Kuala Lumpur, within ready sight of the Chinatown area where I spent much of my time. I became a huge fan of it. It's just a business tower, but unlike most commercial skyscrapers it has a unique look and definite Islamic stamp across it. I don't know how practical the star-patterned decorations are for allowing light in, but I think all skyscrapers should be built with this same sense of style and originality.

Buddha's Living Moustache

I was in a temple in Bagan, looking at yet another Buddha, when I noticed it had a little moustache. This is not in the textbook for Buddha statue design. I looked a little closer - and a small gecko had cutely nestled itself just above Buddha's upper lip. Quite suits him, I think.

The Sleeping Suite (skip if you want to avoid shocking near-nudity)

Burness has acquired a rather bad habit of taking photos of me sleeping. Not just regular sleeping, but when I've passed out. In the first half of the travels, we'd often listen to a Ricky Gervais/Karl Pilkington podcast, from one of the many I'd downloaded. Sometimes, because I was tired, I 'd fall asleep. Burness then found it funny to take photos of this, unbeknown to me at the time. This included abusing me with his foot. In all these photos I am genuinely fast asleep, despite having the radio podcast on quite loud next to me. I'm sure I took a photo of Burness in revenge, but for the life of me I can't find it. As it likely involved him half-naked, I'm sure this is for the best.

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