Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Day 123: Off To India And Beyond

Well, that's me off to India.

The next month may see me getting a little behind, hopefully not with the actual updating but likely with the actual reports of the Wonders. The Wonder reviews take a little time and effort to write, and I don't know where I'm going to find the time. In the space of ten days, I'll be seeing Akshardam Temple, the Lotus Temple, the Golden Temple, the Taj Mahal, and Agra Fort, with quite a bit of travelling too. Additional to that, my girlfriend will be joining me for a couple of weeks. Understandably, she has never expressed tremendous delight at disappearing off and travelling for many months, and so during this short visit she might not appreciate me spending my free time writing. Her friend also gets married in Goa. In short, there will be a lot to write about and not much time to write it. However, at the end of the month, I can foresee a slight relaxation of the schedule.

Next after India is a couple of days in Sri Lanka (a bonus, due to the way flights worked out), then a couple of months in China. Happily, China should allow further relaxation and flexibility in our schedules, as we have plenty of time to see all the Wonders, with a fair bit left over. This should include an exciting bonus trip to a very special place in Shenzen, that for now I will keep as a surprise (I should note that Burness is markedly less excited than I am about this). Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan then follow, and the flights have already been booked.

This just leaves one thing: North Korea. And here we enter into the unknown. We had booked a week's tour for February 14th to witness the celebrations of Kim Jong-Il's 70th birthday. As you might have noticed on the news, events have led to this being somewhat unlikely to occur. Therefore, will our tour go ahead? Will it be rescheduled? Will we able to go to North Korea at all. No-one knows as yet. I sincerely hope so, as I would love to be able to go.

All that's ahead, as I recommence travelling-proper after a couple of weeks of lazy indolence in Kuala Lumpur. It's been a perfectly fine and perfectly uninteresting couple of weeks, by choice, in which I've got all my writing and planning up to date, and effectively taken a short break from these travels. Although I did manage to get to go up the Petronas Towers, unfulfilled during my prior visit here.

So, bye for now, Kuala Lumpur; Delhi, I'm on my way (please be kind...).

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