Friday, 2 September 2011

Predictions For The Seven World Wonders

The main objective to all this travelling is not to enrich my soul, participate in cultural experiences, "find myself" (I already know my dark soul), broaden my horizons or celebrate the wondrous diversity of mankind's puffed plumage. God no. At the heart of all this is my intention to come out of the other side with a list: a list of the Seven World Wonders.

The final list will be made after having visited each location, studied it, and having previously researched it. Then, after having written about it, possibly some discussion about it and some reflection, I will come up with what I believe the Seven World Wonders to be. Others may disagree, but until they visit all these places I will stubbornly ignore them.

One thing I am interested in is to see how much my opinions change over the next few years. Will visiting them affect my opinions, and by how much? Some of these places, after having invested quite a lot of reading into them, I feel I know quite intimately already. How accurate will my prior judgement be? Or is it impossible to assess a place without visiting it?

To this end, I have made some lists already. For one reason, just because I really quite like making lists, but also for later comparisons. Will my expectations be met? Or will there be some big surprises?

In all honestly, I don't expect any big surprises. The big names on the world stage are there for a reason, and I think 5/7 of my most recent list will be there at the end. But we'll see in three years.

The first list is of my expected Top 7 right back when I thought about this project, around about 2007. In order of oldest Wonder first:

1. Petra
2. Chichen Itza
3. Angkor Wat
4. Easter Island
5. Machu Picchu
6. Great Wall of China
7. Empire State Building
Exempt: The Pyramids

Just for a quick comparison, here is the list from the wholly discredited (by me) New 7 Wonders (again, oldest first):

1. Petra
2. Colosseum
3. Chichen Itza
4. Machu Picchu
5. Great Wall of China
6. Taj Mahal
7. Cristo Redentor
Honorary: Great Pyramid

And here is my list, as of a month ago, after having read about all the Asian locations, most of the European and Middle Eastern ones, and about half the American ones. Plus, not insignificantly, after having visited the Eiffel Tower for the first time (again, oldest first):

1. Petra
2. Angkor Wat
3. Easter Island
4. Machu Picchu
5. Great Wall of China
6. Taj Mahal
7. Eiffel Tower
Exempt: the Pyramids

I also added a special "runners-up" list of other candidates, which are:

Abu Simbel
Chichen Itza
Mont Saint Michel
Potala Palace
Cologne Cathedral

Of note, the following have appeared in all the lists, including the "New7":  Great Wall of China, Petra, and Machu Picchu. So I suppose that they are the ones with the greatest expectations to them.
So what to make of this? Not a lot yet, as they are just some lists plucked from my head. But they will hopefully become more pertinent come the end of my travels and the final formation of my Wonders. Will my predictions come true, or will there be some surprises? Come back in three years and find out.

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