Saturday, 14 May 2011

Wonder Candidates: Europe and The Middle East

31. Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany: Fairytale faux-medieval castle built by an insane king of Bavaria.

32. Cologne Cathedral, Germany: Awe-inspiring Gothic cathedral, dominating the city of Cologne.

33. Big Ben and Westminster, England: Prestigious symbol of democracy and Britain.

34. St Paul's Cathedral, England: Historic and iconic London cathedral.

35. Tower Bridge, England: Iconic opening bridge in London

36. Stonehenge, England: Ancient and mysterious stone circle.

37. Ely Cathedral, England: Huge Romanesque English cathedral.

38. The Forth Bridge, Scotland: Unique, iron rail bridge.

 39. Edinburgh Castle, Scotland: Impressive castle on a large rock, overlooking the Scottish capital.

40. Mont St. Michel, France: Fantasy-esque island commune.

41. Amiens Cathedral, France: Massive and ornate medieval cathedral.

42. Chartres Cathedral, France: Huge and brilliantly preserved example of a medieval Gothic cathedral.

43. Eiffel Tower, France: One of the most iconic structures on Earth.
Reviewed 11th January 2013.
44. Notre Dame de Paris, France: Cathedral in the heart of Paris and a supreme example of Gothic architecture.
Reviewed 7th January 2013.

45. The Sacre-Coeur. One for the ladies.
Reviewed 20th January 2013.

46. Palace of Versailles, France: Vast and lavish palace built as demonstration of power and wealth of the French monarchy.

47. Chateau de Chambord, France: Chateau blending French Renaissance and classical Italian styles.

48. Chateau de Chenonceau, France: Bridge-like Chateau crossing a river.

49. Avignon Papal Palace, France: Palace-fortress built during papal exodus to Avignon.

50. Millau Viaduct, France: Elegant modern cable-stayed bridge, and tallest bridge in the world.
Reviewed 27th July 2012.

51. Carcassonne, France: Fortified French town.
Reviewed 25th July 2012.

52. Pont du Gard, France: Huge and well-preserved Roman aqueduct bridge

53. Albi Cathedral, France: Fort-like brick cathedral with exquisite interior.

54. Sagrada Familia, Spain: Elaborate and bizarre cathedral.

55. Alhambra, Spain: One of the last and greatest surviving examples of Moorish palace-fortresses.

56. Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciencies, Spain: Series of ultra-modern buildings in Valencia.

57. Tower of Pisa, Italy: Improbably-angled tower.

58. St. Peter's Basilica, Vatican: Centre of the Catholic world, and largest church interior on earth.

59. The Colosseum, Italy: Iconic Roman gladiatorial amphitheatre.

60. Santa Maria della Salute, Italy: Venetian domed church.

61. St Mark's Basilica, Italy: Historic Byzantine basilica at the heart of Venice.

62. Verona Arena, Italy: Roman amphitheatre still in use today.

63. Parthenon, Greece: Ancient, ruined Greek temple, the most important surviving building of Classical Greece.

64. Meteora, Greece: A set of Orthodox monasteries improbably built on rock pillars.

65. Hagia Sophia, Turkey: Massive domed former church, former mosque.

66. Sultan Ahmed Mosque, Turkey: Large mosque known especially for its blue-tiled interior.

67. Derinkuyu, Turkey: Mysterious, secret underground city.

68. Gobekli Tepe, Turkey: 12,000-year-old series of stone circles.

69. Krak des Chevaliers, Syria: Medieval Crusader castle.

70. Palmyra, Syria: Ancient Arabic city ruins.

71. Baalbek, Lebanon: Ruins of the largest Roman temples ever built.

72. Petra, Jordan: Ancient city cut from rock by a mysterious civilisation.

73. Dome of the Rock, Israel: Golden domed shrine of significance to Islam, Judaism and Christianity.

74: The Pyramids of Giza, Egypt: Big and famous piles of stone built by psychic space aliens.

75. Cairo Citadel, Egypt: Bulky Islamic medieval fortification.

76. Karnak, Egypt: Vast series of Egyptian temple ruins.

77. Valley of the Kings, Egypt: Series of hidden underground tombs for Egyptian pharaohs.

78. Abu Simbel, Egypt: Ancient and long-lost Egyptian temples of epic proportions.

79. Leptis Magna, Libya: Spectacular ruins of a Roman city.

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