Saturday, 14 May 2011

The Wonder Candidates: Asia

1. Sydney Opera House, Australia: Iconic performing arts centre in a highly original design.
Reviewed 18th September 2011.

2. Borobudur, Indonesia: Ancient and ornate Buddhist temple.

3. Marina Bay Sands, Singapore: Ultra-modern casino hotel with a "skypark" on top of the three-building structure.
Reviewed 25th September 2011.

 4. Petronas Towers, Malaysia: Gigantic twin towers with a bridge midway between them.
Reviewed on 16th October 2011.

5. Temple of the Emerald Buddha, Thailand: Temple complex hosting precious Buddhist artefact. 
Reviewed 23rd December 2011.

 6. Ayutthaya, Thailand: Ruined former capital of Thailand.
Reviewed 21st December 2011.

7. Angkor Wat, Cambodia: The world's largest religious building, within a sprawling ruined city complex in the jungle.
Reviewed 11th November 2011.

8. Banaue Rice Terraces, Philippines: Mountains sculpted into green terraces over 2000 years of rice-growing.
Reviewed 3rd December 2011.

9. Shwedagon Pagoda, Burma: Gleaming gold pagoda on a hill.
Reviewed 21st October 2011.

10. Laykyn Setkyar, Burma: Second biggest statue in the world.
Reviewed 1st November 2011.

11. Bagan, Burma: Sprawling ruins of former civilisation.
Reviewed 26th October 2011 (Bagan and Ananda Temple in Bagan).

12: Taj Mahal, India: World-famous monument in tribute to love and symbol of India.
Reviewed 9th February 2012.

13: Agra Fort, India: Red sandstone fort complex, once the home of emperors.
Reviewed 13th February 2012.

14. Lotus Temple, India: Bah'ai temple in the form of a blossoming lotus.
Reviewed 11th February 2012.

15. Akshardham Temple, India: Huge Hindu temple complex.
Reviewed 6th February 2012.

16. Golden Temple, India: Centre of the Sikh faith, an ornate temple surrounded by a holy pool of water.
Reviewed 8th January 2012.

17. Kailasanathar Temple in Ellora, India: Thousand-year-old Hindu temple entirely cut from the cliff face.
Reviewed 14th February 2012.

18. Potala Palace, China: Mountainous palace home to the Dalai Lama's for hundreds of years before enforced exile, now a museum to their memory.

19. Thousand Buddha Caves, China: Innumerable Buddhist cave shrines in the remote Taklamakan desert.

20. Terracotta Army, China: Thousands of terracotta warriors, built to defend China's first emperor in the afterlife, and lost for over two thousand years.
Reviewed 24th March 2012.

21. Three Gorges Dam, China: Biggest dam in the world.
Reviewed 6th April 2012.

22. Spring Temple Buddha, China: Biggest statue in the world.

23. Leshan Giant Buddha, China: Ancient and colossal Buddha statue carved into the rock.

24. The Forbidden City, China: Home of Chinese emperors and symbol of Chinese imperialism.
Reviewed 22nd February 2012.

26. Kiyomizu-dera, Japan: Kyoto temple complex with main hall veranda jutting out over the hillside, propped up by wooden pillars.

27. Kinkaku-ji, Japan: Golden pavilion mirrored by its pond setting.

28. Himeji Castle, Japan: Japan's finest surviving and largest castle.

29. Taipei 101, Taiwan: 500m tall skyscraper and icon of modern Taiwan.

30. Kremlin and Red Square, Russia: Historic heart of Moscow and Russia.

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